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Knurled Stainless Steel Grab Bars

-300mm Black-


Razor RV stock a range of Stainless Steel Grab Bars ranging from 200mm – 900mm. Our grab bars are ideal for both internal and external use. Made with sturdy and durable stainless steel our grab handles are UV and weather resistant so are more than capable of withstanding any harsh elements they may face, being externally mounted on the outside of a Caravan/RV or Motor-home.

You may be hesitant to choose a black grab bar due to fading when exposed to the elements for an extended period of time – we understand that so put our own product to the test, leaving a grab bar outside, exposed to the elements for several months. The result? Still looks brand new!

Our grab handles are designed with safety and convenience in mind as grab handles are not only convenient but almost an essential to your caravan. Their Knurled texture ensures grip even when wet for safe entry and exit from your Caravan/RV or Motor-home. These Grab Handles can also be affixed to the front and rear of your caravan so you can easily adjust your caravans positioning manually.

Specs: 300mm x 25mm Grab Handle

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300mm Black Grab Handle

LED External Bubble Light Handle – Black

Stainless Steel Grab Bar Black 300mm (GB300B)

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