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RV WIFI+5G Portable Caravan WIFI Internet, 1 Year Warranty. Introducing the New RV WIFI 5G! The RV WIFI 5G includes the introduction of MIMO which gives great 5G speeds, greater 4G Speeds and more range than our previous products, the MIMO, by increased range we mean to the Telco Tower, as well as increased Wi-Fi range around the campsite and into the tow vehicle while on the move. The new product continues to include durability and Australian device help (including up to 12 months beyond warranty).

It comes complete with all the RV WIFI inclusions you love and expect including 12volt, choose your own provider and more connections than you need (up to 100). Order yours now!


  • RV WIFI 5G is designed specifically for Recreational Vehicles.
  • RV WIFI 5G comes with an external antenna. Better Range/less interference and noise.
  • RV WIFI 5G comes with a 12 volt power connection, no batteries to run out, just set and forget!
  • RV WIFI 5G is not locked into any providers, your choice to buy on range or price.
  • RV WIFI 5G has no limit on users. The more the merrier!
  • RV WIFI 5G offers ‘In Car Entertainment’, while on the move.
  • RV WIFI 5G has excellent WIFI range in and around your Caravan.
  • RV WIFI 5G has a mulifuncitonal 4G/5G/WIFI exeternal antenna, this equals great range!
  • RV WIFI 5G is a fully enabled MIMO router.
  • RV WIFI 5G has improved 4G capability.
  • RV WIFI 5G is 5G!
  • RV WIFI 5G can connect to Starlink.


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