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Pull-Out PantriesStandard – 200mm baskets


At 470mm x 550mm this pantry is perfect for the standard caravan kitchen, with ample space for storage you cant look past this unit.

Includes 2 x 200mm Baskets
Measurements: 550mm x 470mm Frame
All fittings included.

Pull-out Pantries are an excellent storage solution to the limited space within a Caravan kitchen. Our high-quality durable pantries slide in and out of small cavities and store a surprising amount of your groceries. Most commonly used in the kitchen, these can also be utilised in other small areas to maximise storage space.

Tip: Pantries run on rollers, so when travelling we suggest you use a door bolt or cabin hook as well as your standard locking handle to keep the cupboard from opening while moving.

Checkout our range of pull-out pantries!

Tall – 300mm baskets
Standard – 100mm baskets
Standard – 200mm baskets

Pullout Pantry 200mm – (YLK-CH-PANTRY/2)

  • WEIGHT 5 kg
    DIMENSIONS 56 × 48 × 11 cm
  • Please Contact for shipping costs

    (03) 9308 4405 or

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