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The Houghton Belaire H3600V has industry leading power and efficiency thanks to inverter technology. True “soft start” performance, excellent with generator and battery/inverter power systems




-Low Profile and powerful unit, 1122mm long, 850mm wide and 223mm high. Total installed weight is 41.9kg

-Double rotor variable speed compressor with low start current, low vibration and almost no start/stop noise. PID inverter technology ensures temperature accuracy at +/- 0.5°C giving the user full control over their comfort.

-Digital inverter control eliminates in-rush current spikes on start up. True “soft start” performance.

-Innovative high efficiency and low noise air duct system ensures higher air flow at a lower noise level

-Integrated ECO mode with two different power input levels allow operation at 70% and 40% power demand to stretch your battery life even further. Assists with operation on smaller generators or heavily loaded power supplies.

-The 4 way outlet from the interior unit allows air flow to be directed all throughout the living space

-4 fan speeds to choose from Turbo for powerful heating or cooling, low for quiet night-time use.

-Excellent reverse cycle performance allows the unit to operate in temperatures as low as -5°C and up to +50°C.

H3600V - Inverter, variable speed compressor

  • Please Contact for shipping costs

    (03) 9308 4405 or

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