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Flat Screen TV Bracket


We all know space can be precious in even the largest of caravans, so save yourself some surface space and mount your TV’s to the wall!
Razor RV Double Arm Locking TV Brackets are all made out of solid aluminium alloy so your TV is safe!
Our brackets also feature a lockable design so you don’t have to worry about your TV coming loose.

Designed to fit most flat screens between 15″ and 27″ our brackets can hold up to 25kgs!

Additional Features: 180 deg swivel, +/- 15 deg tilt, 360 deg rotation
Profile 10.4-39.4cm, Integrated spirit level and cable management.

*Please note: Razor RV do not suggest you tow your caravan with the TV mounted,
for the safety of your TV you should always remove it from the bracket and store it in a secure location (perhaps in the bed!)*

Double Arm Locking TV Bracket- (BA2730)

SKU: BA2730
  • WEIGHT 2 kg
    DIMENSIONS 23 × 18 × 8 cm
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