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Black Granite Kitchen Sink

Large Black Square with Drainer – SINK-B- 7848


Razor RV have dominated the industry with our range of Black Sinks, but we are proud to introduce our exclusive 780×480 Black Granite Sink

The first of its kind available on Australian Shores the 780×480 Black Granite Sink is the PERFECT Black Sink for the industry.

All of our Granite Sinks include all required waste components and are backed by our Razor RV Warranty.

Our black granite sinks can be mounted flush, drop in and undermount.

Overall Measurements: 780 x 480
Bowl Size: 355 x 425
Waste: 90mm


The Granite Composite sink is becoming the popular choice for caravanning, it truly is a beautiful and modern sink, and the finish is the second to none. This sink is designed to be best able to withstand day to day use. However, this sink is a specialised sink and using and caring for it is far different to your standard steel sink. The sink is long-lasting, lustrous, and scratch resistant; meaning that the unit is resistant to minor scratching, this does not mean that the sink is scratch ‘proof’, the sink is still subject to minor scratching from daily wear and tear as are all kitchen sinks.

It is important that you follow the following guidelines to keep your sink in its best condition.


  • For day-to-day care, clean the sink with water and a damp cloth.
  • Keep the sink nice and dry by exposing it to room temperature air, for best results you

should towel dry your sink after use.

  • Ensure there is never any standing water in the sink, it may build up deposits and stain the sink.
  • You may find yourself in an area with high mineral deposits in the water supply. If you find that this mineral deposits in your sink, use a diluted solution of vinegar and water for washing the sink, thereafter, flush the sink with water and towel dry. Never leave the solution to soak.
  • If you find your sink has stained or marked and the vinegar solution cannot remove them, you may try a bleach and water solution of 40:1 (40 water: 1 bleach). Soak the area and keep an eye out for discoloration. Ensure to thoroughly rinse the sink afterwards and towel dry.
  • Dragging metal pots and pans on the sink may cause a metal to reside, to remove this sort of circular manner. Rinse the bowl and towel dry afterwards.
  • Only use soft cloths and solutions mentioned above to clean your sink.


  • Drop any sharp objects into the sink, place knives and other sharp objects in carefully.
  • Use any metal scouring pages or steel wool, they will leave a metal residue on the sink and may cause scratching.
  • Leave any mild steel or cast-iron cookware in or on the sink for an extended period, this will cause staining.
  • Leave dirty dishes in the sink for an extended period, this can mark the sink.
  • Do not leave rubber dish mats, wet sponges, clothes, or cleaning pads in the sink. Ensure they are removed from the sink after each, and the sink is towel dried to avoid staining.
  • Do not use any concentrated bleach products or any products or any products containing chlorinated solvents or formic acid in the sink. Ensure these products are kept well away from the sink.
  • Avoid cutting directly onto the sink surface, this can cause scratching.




  • Ensure the sink is installed with an O ring of suitable thickness to ensure there is no leaking.
  • Remember that general wear and tear will occur with this sink, as it does with all sinks.


*Please Contact Us for Shipping as it is a Fragile Item*

Black Granite Sink 780 x 480 – (SINK-B- 7848)

SKU: SINK-B-7848
  • WEIGHT 4 kg
    DIMENSIONS 74 × 14 × 14 cm
  • Please Contact for shipping costs

    (03) 9308 4405 or

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