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Measurements: 3600 x 1600 x 0.7mm


AUSFLEX Laminates, a heavy duty, heard wearing laminate product for post forming. Specialising in the Caravan Industry, AUSFLEX laminates are perfect for RV’S, Motorhomes and Caravans but are also more than suitable for domestic or commercial use.

‘AUSFLEX XT Super Matte’ is made using the latest surface delivery technology, to produce a super matte finish, superior to the existing overlay methods currently available from most suppliers.

The result is a Matte that has a much higher level of scratch and scuff resistant, along with a higher level of colour clarity and definition. Overall a vastly superior to a standard Matte laminate product.

‘AUSFLEX XT Super Matte’ can be post-formed down to a 6mm radius on standard PF equipment and may be formed to a tighter radius on the latest post-forming machines.

Contact us now for more images, more information or delivery/pick up options available. Our team of Laminate experts are always happy to help.

Ausflex XT Ultra Matte Laminate – Russet 8316

SKU: 8316
  • Please Contact for shipping costs

    (03) 9308 4405 or

  • Weight  5kg Dimensions 42 x 42 x 150cm

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